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Regularly featuring in both national and international media, Linda Pétursdóttir is an Icelander, Celebrity & Businesswoman, who won the global beauty pageant Miss World in 1988. Linda has also had the honour of serving on the jury for both Miss World and Mr World several times.


After travelling the world as a fashion model & Miss World Ambassador, Linda owned and ran the top ladies-only health spa & gym, Badhusid, in Iceland. Ever the Globe-trotter, Linda settled for a while in Vancouver, Canada, where she trained as a graphic designer.


Linda has spent over 25 years in the Beauty industry; encompassing Health & Wellness. She believes in that elusive blend of hard work combined with a healthy lifestyle. Appointed by Iceland's Minister for Business, Linda was on the founding board of the FKA (Association of Women Business Leaders in Iceland), later becoming its President.


She returned to her native Iceland in 2005 to raise her young daughter, Isabella. While Isabella was at primary school Linda and her beloved daughter were juxtaposed between Iceland & North America; holidays spent meditating and relaxing in India.


In 2016 Linda began a university programme in PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics), which she is now completing in Iceland. There were rumours in Iceland at the time of the 2016 Presidential election that Linda might stand. Linda decided against standing but she has not ruled out running for President of the country she loves in the future.


Sitting the PPE programme means a great deal to Linda who has a yearning to repay the land that raised her up and gave her fame. Linda was recently elected The President of the Board for the student central committee at her University and sits on the student advisory board for the Social Science department, along with a professor and the dean.


Linda has eclectic passions and interests – as a Mother, Businesswoman, Animal Welfare & Political Activist, Honourary Patriot for a Family Charity, and an Advocate of health and wellness.


This website is an extension of these myriad themes of Linda's life - a window into her world. Here Linda shares with you her personal journey, life experiences, insights and ideas about: health and wellness, world travel and global issues.


Don't get Linda wrong. She is not a shallow clothes horse who has lived the perfect life off her beauty and fame. Far from it. For Linda's story is gutsy, real and has, at times, been a gritty personal journey replete with personal struggles which she will share more about here on www.lindap.is


Her insights are a breath of fresh air in a world that often seems airbrushed and sugar-coated.


A warm welcome from Linda.


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