I do my best to live according to my beliefs and values.  One of them is to take chances in my life, to go out on a limb and to try new things.  Not to get 'stuck' and afraid of letting go of the familiar.  Don’t get me wrong, security is very important to me, especially being a single mum. It is one of my core values. I don’t, however, want to look back and regret all the chances and opportunities I didn’t take.  I truly believe it is never too late to take a close look inside and discover what your purpose is and what makes your soul sing.  One step at a time, I encourage you to make small changes towards your dreams and build on them as slow or as quickly as suits you and you are ready for. 


There have been many times in my life when sitting back and staying set in the familiar would have been a lot easier and less frightening than taking a leap of faith towards my dreams and passions.  At times events have occurred in my life, and I have found it both difficult and confusing to comprehend. Turning to a new and a different direction felt frightening.  Somehow though, it all seems to be a part of a bigger plan.  Letting go of the familiar takes courage.


So I encourage you to ask yourself;

What are my values? 

What drives me- and what is my purpose?


Having my life stand still is not something that drives me.  I need challenges and new opportunities.  I want to grab life with both hands!  We all have responsibilities but that doesn’t mean they should hold us back in a way that makes us unhappy.  Connecting with your core values and purpose you will discover something new that feels really good and authentic.  As long as you follow your heart or intuition, you will always be just fine.  And if for some reason your new way doesn’t work for you, all you have to do is to turn around and go back.  It´s always alright to change your mind.  At least you will have taken a chance, learnt something new and returned with a new sense of being.  That in itself, is a victory!

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