Recently I celebrated my Miss World anniversary.  Not that I did anything special on this day, apart my daughter taking this photo
of me at home, holding my crowning photo, taken at The Royal Albert Hall in London, on November 17th, 1988.

My memories of my reigning year as Miss World are overall really good.  Just a month shy of my 19th birthday when crowned, it is needless to say that my life pretty much change drastically overnight.  I grew up in a small fishing village on the north east coast of Iceland and suddenly I was on top of the world.  Having strawberries and champagne for my first offical breakfast and press meeting as Miss World, being driven around in a Rolls Royce with an chauffeour and being interviewd by all major internation media outlets and recognised on the streets of London while out shopping with my chaperon.

I met a lot of people, made lifelong friends, had lunches and dinners with presidents and head of states and of course my dream of traveling the world became a reality, but I visited some 32 countries in my year, and some of them more than once or twice.  Most memorable of all of my trips was the charity work we did with children in an orphange in El Salvador, in the midst of a civil war.  "Beauty with a purpose" is the Miss World charity, which has raised hundreds of millions of pounds (UK) but it was created in 1972 by a very special woman, which I have had the good fortune of calling my friend for many years, Mrs. Julia Morley, president of Miss World ltd. and also the Godmother to my daughter Isabella.

I am very thankful to have had the privilege of holding this precious title and truly enjoy being involved with the company to this day and often serving as a member of the jury for both Mr. World and Miss World.

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