This August I was on the cover of MAN magazine, Iceland´s premium lifestyle mag.  The headline says "Like my heart was being ripped out of me", which is how I felt after being forced to close my company, Badhusid, (a luxurious ladies only health spa & club) of 21 years, last December.  And loosing everything I had worked at and poured my time, heart and soul into for all those years.  I was only 24 years old when I founded the company so basically all of my adult life I was involved in running the company.  I had staff of about 40 when we closed the doors.  In this interview I tell my side of the story about the business venture, how I got through the very hard and dark times, got back on my feet, what I am doing today and how I see my future.

1508 Linda ManForsíða SMI have gotten numerous messages from both men and women regarding the interview and I´m truly thankful for them all.  Being a former Miss World I´m used to hearing something about the way I look
but my absolute favorite comments are the responds I´m getting from people that read this piece. Which is that people are amazed at my resilience and that I´m an inspiration for other women.
To me that is the biggest compliment.  Giving up is not an option and not something I even think about.  When going through such crisis I knew it was time to go through a radical revision of my life.
What is the purpose to work like a horse 24/7 and then someone else can pull the rug from underneath you?  I thought to myself that this was not something I was going to do the second half of my life.  My mistake was that I put all of my eggs in one basket and others used that weak situtation of mine to their benefit.  However that is not something I will do again.  I started to contemplate which way to go, being the business minded person I am.  Never again will I open a health club, or a company with such a big overhead. The desire has left me and I have realized through all of this, that dead things dont matter.  Of course we all need a safe roof over our heads and a car to drive and some food in the fridge.  That goes without saying.  But my main goal now is to make a good life for me and my daughter and invest in adventures and memories - noone can take that away from us.

I did however go through some sort of a grieving process, each day I got up, took my daugther to school, came back home and slept until she finished school for the day.  I basically slept for two months.  The advice I can give to anyone going through a challenging time is this;  It will get better.  But for now, take some time for yourself.  Rest.  Eat healthy.  Read or listen to a podcast.  Go for walks in nature.  And then, sleep some more.  You will get through this just as I did.  One day at a time.








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