I´m in China at the moment, as a member of the jury for Miss World 2015.  I have been a judge for Miss World several times and each time I truly do enjoy it.  It´s always both exciting and interesting to meet the contestants from the different cultures and backgrounds, a total of 114 girls now if I remember correctly, and to hear their stories.  My favorite part is seeing their involvement with our charity called "Beauty with a purpose" which I shall blog about in another post as it needs its own, it is that special.  

Also, as we call it, there is the “Miss World family” lead by the lovely Mrs. Julia Morley and her team of people from all over the world, but we meet up on different corners of the world, every few years and it is such a priviledge to be involved with all these amazing people.  It is hard for me to take it in but it´s already been 27 years since I won the prestigious title, that changed my life.  What I can say today, is that I wouldn´t have wanted to miss the experience of being Miss World for anything.


These pictures are all taken couple of nights ago, on the night of The Talent Show, which I was a judge on as well.  

(More photos to come, the internet connection here is very slow to say the least, so please check in again tomorrow).


Main photo above, from left to right:

Six former Miss World´s with Mrs. Julia Morley at Miss World 2015, in China.

Ksenia from Russia, Abgani from Nigeria, Megan from Philippines, Julia Morley and my daughter Isabella, Azra from Turkey, myself (from Iceland) and the current Miss World (2014-2015) Rolene from S-Africa.


151214 LindaKinaMW

Just about to leave my room to go and judge the Miss World Talent Show.

151214 LP ChinaTalentShow SM2
With two security guards outside The Beauty Crown Theater, but security is very strict here.

Some of the contestants, and Isabella my daughter, getting ready to watch the show.

IMG 5577  
Miss Samoa had a beautiful performace of "Let it go" and included no less than 25 languages
in the song.

IMG 5572

The representatives dancing in their national costumes.


IMG 5582 SM

The super talented singer Miss Guyana stunned everyone with her amazing performance and won
The Talent show.

maedgur SM
Mother and daughter together during the night.


Judges taking some "selfies" on our brake.  On the left I´m with the ever so lovely Azra, Miss World
from Turkey 2002 and on the right the very talented british Ken Warwick, a producer of American Idol &
America´s Got Talent who worked on my MW show back in the day, so we have known each other
for a long time.  We all do have a great time together!

-Next blog (with some very glamorous photos) will be from The Family Charity Gala Dinner.




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