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I've been in the wellness business for over 25 years, basically breathing health, beauty and wellness for a very long time. I am also a certified health coach and have taught meditation classes. I have worked with hundreds and thousands of women throughout the years and have extensive experience in it, both in helping others and not...

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1 Cup Almond milk
1/2 Pear
1 Handful of Spinach
1 Tsp. Chia Seeds
1 Tbsp. Protein Powder of choice
1 Cup Water

Put all but the water in a blender and blend until smooth. Put blender on slow and pour water slowly into the blender until the drink is at your preferred consistency. You can have it thick or...

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The exercise that I enjoy most of all, is walking out in nature with my dog, Stjarna. For me it is a spiritual practise as well as a physical one. I have rheumatoid arthritis, so that means finding an exercise solution that works the best for me on a daily basis. Unfortunately, when it is cold and...

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The skin is our largest organ thus, it is important to look after it the best we can. I have for many years put much emphasizes on looking after my skin, using good quality products and making sure my skin is hydrated. That I do with the right products for my skin, during each phase of my...

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For the last few weeks I have thought about running for president of Iceland. During this time I have had a lot of support and encouragement and felt goodwill from the people around me. Both Icelandic and international media have contacted me frequently regarding the matter and have shown much interest in my decision.  I have enjoyed discussing the...

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The benefits of starting your day with the below shake recipe is that when you begin on such an healthy choice it will be easier to go through the day, followed by further smart food decisions.  Plus the protein in the shake will keep you fuller longer and your blood sugar will be more stable. Thus it...

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