I will be sharing my recipes with you here.  I am a Health Coach among many other things, so my main interests in that area are of course, healthy, delicious food.  Smoothies are also big on my list as I think they are a great way to nurture your body and soul, in a quick and easy way.  I am not one to spend hours in the kitchen but rather prefer something that doesn´t take too much preparation.  And what to eat while travelling is always a challange, so I look forward to giving you some tips on that subject as well.
I would love to receive recipes and photos from my readers, some of which I shall be posting here.  On my travels I love to try out different kinds of food and culture and will share that here as well.
and remember, "We are what we eat".  Hope you enjoy my recipes.  Cheers to health and beauty.

Bon appetit!

x Linda


I got this delcious paprika (bell pepper) served at a friends one evening instead of the meat they were having. I wasn´t too excited as peppers/paprika´s have never been my thing. But oh man, was I ever wrong! Not only was it pleasing for the eye, it was totally delicious and filling too.

I made my...

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Sometimes I make myself this nutritious and energy boosting drink in the morning.  And it is certainly very simple and easy to make.  Anyone can do it.

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Recipe: Banana & coconut pancakes (gluten free)
Every now and then I love treating myself to some pancakes for brunch.  These are actually pretty healthy and nourishing and are absolutely fine to have once in a while-and enjoy to the fullest.  Oh and they are ever so comforting!  For a...

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This is a very simple and quick recipe to make a smoothie that is not only delicious but enchanges your beauty also.  How about that?
Here is a little about what the ingredients do for you;  The ginger is anti inflammatory, the lemon is full of antioxidants, enhances your looks and strengthens the immune system. 


An apple a day keeps...

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Recipe: Healthy bread, rich in fibre and healthy fatty acids.

1 dl linseeds
1 dl sesame seeds
1 dl dried Gojiberries (or blackcurrants)
1 dl whole wheat 
1 1/2 dl wheat
2 1/2 dl coarse spelt
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking sodaRead more

If you love chocolate (who doesn´t ?!) this is a delicious, and very filling protein smoothie.  Just made it for me and my mum for lunch and it filled us both up for the next few hours.  My daughter had some too and loved it as well.  So a great, quick and nutrious lunch for the whole family.
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