For the last few weeks I have thought about running for president of Iceland. During this time I have had a lot of support and encouragement and felt goodwill from the people around me. Both Icelandic and international media have contacted me frequently regarding the matter and have shown much interest in my decision.  I have enjoyed discussing the issue with my friends, family and well-wishers but I decided from the start to give this time and think long and hard before making up my mind.  At the same time I promised myself that the answer had to come from the heart.


Despite being quite experienced in foreign relations and accustomed to living in big cities as well as small towns, I think I still have a lot to learn before I can make a good president.  I believe it´s very important to be well versed in the structure of government and administration of the country.  Therefore, I have decided that this is not the right time for me and I will not run for office at this point.




Previously published yesterday (2016/04/18) in Icelandic, see last blog.





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