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180530 AnythingPossible

I truly believe that anything is possible, as long as there is willingness to consistently work toward one's goals. We are all blessed with certain talents that only we have and it is our responsibility to use them to our advantage and to have the courage to chase our dreams and desires.

For if not now, when?

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180529 YellowKimono

We have just launched some gorgeous new colors in our shop, including this summery yellow one. 
At the moment, we have 11 different, really beautiful colors, something for everyone.

As always, we sell out quickly, so if you want to get yourself your favorite color, we suggest you hurry up before it sells...

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IMG 4018

It has become so important for me to take time for self care each and every day. Below you can find 3 of my daily rituals that I do to love and care for myself. I would like to hear back from you on this - what do you do to take...

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180226 ChocolateEspressoSmoothie

Mornings are my favourite time of the day. I get up just about every morning at 6 am and have an hour or so, just to myself. In a few days I will be posting all about my morning routine and tips, so please check back for that shortly. This smoothie that I have recently started having is...

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I'm excited to announce that I have launched an online store with some  truly beautiful items that I love. This has been a work in progress based on supply and my insistence on quality but I am so pleased to say it is finally ready. I will only be selling products that I use myself.
My first collection is...

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180108 LindasNewYearPicks Logo


Moving Forward >>

As someone who has spent half of my life in the beauty and wellness industry, I am always paying close attention to the latest trends in order to utilize and integrate excellent products and practical tips to support my goals in achieving my highest potential of health.Of it's a new simple smoothie full of green...

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