Many people have approached me lately and encouraged me to run for president.  I have noticed that many of those people used the phrases "cosmopolitan" and "country girl" when describing me.  I have thought about it and I think they might be right.
At least I hope they are.


The other day I had a conversation with one of my best friends and mentor, who is in her eighties.  Her name is Pat and she is both perky and healthy and full of wisdom.  She lives on Eagle Island in Vancouver, where we used to be neighbors and developed a great friendship.  We were reminiscing about the time I lived on this small island and all the fun things we used to do together.  She told me stories of the life on the island, which we often jokingly referred to as "The Kingdom of Eagle Island".  She taught me how to garden and to appreciate dark chocolate and the nature all around us.  We swam in the ocean with our dogs.  These are moments I will never forget.  Another thing she taught me was to take my boat to the shipyard and remove the barnacles, shells and vegetation on the bottom of it.  The photo on the right is actually taken on that occasion.  The smell was pretty bad, but I enjoyed the work but mostly the time with her.  I bought the boots in a hardware store and I still use them fifteen years later when I go with my dogs for walks along the seashore in Álftanes, Iceland.  I will always cherish having grown up in a small fishing village in the countryside and that child of nature still lives within me.  My friends and family probably know me the best that way.

In the picture to the left I am going to a gala dinner for a project I was recently a part of in Asia and I am wearing an evening dress. I also appreciate these sorts of projects and find them fulfilling so I must say that I represent both these types of women; the cosmopolitan woman and the country girl and I intend to continue being both of them while working on all my future projects.

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