The skin is our largest organ thus, it is important to look after it the best we can. I have for many years put much emphasizes on looking after my skin, using good quality products and making sure my skin is hydrated. That I do with the right products for my skin, during each phase of my life. It is important to choose wisely as I don't want to put just any product on my face as well as by drinking loads of water. Another super important aspect for me and one which I am very picky about is to make sure that the products I use and recommend to others is that they have definitely not been tested on animals, I always check that out first. Who would want to put a product on their face that has caused animal suffering anyhow? Horrible.

The older I get I put more effort into keeping my skin healthy and glowing. Dry skin draws out fine lines and as my dermatologist pointed out to me, so does being too skinny or frail looking and of course, the diet is absolutely important in that regard. Hydration, hydration, hydration, it makes all the difference. In another post I will tell you a bit more about my routine, how I keep hydrated on the inside out and what products I use for that matter.

Another important lesson is to never go to bed with make up on, even though you are feeling exhausted and jumping into bed seems as though it cannot wait for another five minutes. Trust me, go to the bathroom and wash your face, put a good nutritious night cream on and then finally jump into your cozy bed. You will be happy you did when you wake up the following morning – and so will your skin.

Linda Chanel

At the moment I am using Sublimage by CHANEL. I have the whole line so I have been testing out all it´s luxurious products, the texture, smell etc. I mean, what woman doesn't like Chanel? The line is absolutely stunning. I am using the eye cream which works on puffiness and dark circles, the Essence (serum) which is a light melty texture for radiant, soft and firm skin and then it is the jewel herself, Sublimage La Créme, which makes the skin regain it´s vitality.

But as I said above my main concentration is always skin care, as no matter how great your make up looks, if you don't take care of the state of your skin, it will always show. Chanel concentrates its know-how in complete and perfectly created skincare products that act on the five signs of aging; Hydration, even tone, radiance, wrinkles and firmness. No wonder it is called the jewel of anti aging skincare.

One of it´s most amazing products and one that will absolutely stay as a part of my skincare routine is the 3 in 1 Sublimage Essential Comfort Cleanser. Wow, what a fantastic product! It is a make up remover/skin cleanser that perfectly cleanses all make up off your face, including eyes. It dissolves all make up including waterproof. It is sort of an oil-gel texture that transforms into a milk emulsion on contact with water. No more multiple steps to removing make-up instead use this three in one cleanser. It comes with a cotton cloth for impeccable and gently exfoliated skin. And for the ones of us that travel a lot, this is a no brainer. Go and get yourself the Sublimage cleanser.





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