The article below was published on Visir one of Iceland´s main online news sites on last January 22nd. It was republished and translated into English by icelandreview.com. It states that in recent weeks I have been encouraged by a number of people to run for the president of Iceland in the forthcoming presidential election next June.

"For this reason, a group of her supporters has been meeting regularly to prepare for the possibility of her running for office.
One of those people, Árni Stefán Árnason, an attorney specializing in animal rights, says this has been under consideration for quite a while.  "She wants to make a difference and take advantage of her fame to promote good causes in Iceland and internationally, of course―the woman is world-famous." He says her role model is former president Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, and that she wants, above all, to be a symbol of unification.

According to Vísir, Linda herself claims she has an increasing interest in serving her nation in this important role, because of the encouragement she has received. That way, she could invite the nation to take advantage of the goodwill she has earned worldwide. Still, the matter is under serious consideration on her behalf. She claims her interest touch social improvements and a improved quality of life for her country people. In addition to that, she is very interested in environmental issues.

The 'inside' information is that I am, with all of my heart, considering this offer. To say the least, it is one of the most important decisions I have ever considered and one I do not take lightly.

Honestly, serving the office of President of Iceland has never been one of my goals. It is something that came to me, indeed, very unexpected so to speak. With respect for the incumbent and the many people that have encouraged me, I have taken this into serious consideration.

I was reminded by a good friend in her 80´s and my mentor, that a similar set of events happened when I went ahead to compete in the Miss World competition. It was never something I aspired to, it sort of fell into my lap as well and I took the opportunity and ran with it. Perhaps it is sometimes a good way to go, not to take oneself that seriously and map our whole lives out ahead of us. Much of the direction of my life has been made with a 'go with the flow' attitude but I have never ever underestimated the value of goal setting and preparation, which I am all for.

Having lived most of my adult life in the public eye I understand the lack of privacy associated with such a position and the scrutiny one undergoes. Some of which will be untrue and hurtful, which I am used to as well. Having been an unofficial ambassador for my country for the past nearly 30 years, I am very familiar with that role and would embrace serving my nation on that platform in the future.

However, before committing myself with all of my heart and fully to this campaign, I am considering all the details thoroughly and will base my final decision on all aspects of my life and the fact that I am a single, and independent, mother. I am confident that I would serve the office of the president of Iceland as the Icelandic constitution strictly commands and base any decision of that office for the benefit of the people of my nation. Should such a situation arise I would activate the right of the presidency according to act 26 of the Icelandic constitution which allows the president to appeal any law of conflict or disagreement by the nation for a national vote. I shall be taking a few more weeks to make up my mind and will announce my decision, in the coming weeks, here on my website (www.lindap.is)

Linda Pres SM




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